Although RDS started doing business in 2012, it actually had its start in the mid 1980s. At that time co-founder, Mark Marino, began using WordStar and WordPerfect to create “mail merge” documents for local businesses. Soon after, CorelDraw 1.0 was released and it ushered in a new era of “Desktop Publishing“!  CorelDraw was the first full colour, vector based, layout and composition tool in the industry. Mark began designing both static and variable communication pieces in the community for a small profit.  Around the same time, co-founder Manuel Ribeiro, was also getting his first taste for programming on his Apple IIc, and using Windows 2.0 whenever it was available to him.

Fast forward to 1997, after Mark and Manuel graduated as Computer Scientists from York University, both began working together at the 3rd largest printing company in Canada – St. Joseph Printing.  As Vice President of Document Technology, Mark worked closely with Manuel, the Manager of the Variable Imaging, Preflight, and Mailing teams, to create increasingly sophisticated communication solutions. They worked tirelessly for over 14 years to produce Data Driven print and online solutions for many of North America’s Fortune 500 companies including:

Rogers, Bell, Telus, Sears, Eatons, McDonald’s, Loblaw, Chrysler, Ford, Fiat, Land Rover, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Knights of Columbus, American Express, Lord & Taylor, Scotia Bank, TD, CIBC, Dundee Wealth, Dynamic Mutual Funds, CI Investments, Global Financial, Mackenzie Financial, Investors Group, House & Home, Toronto Life, Hydro Ottawa, Enercare, Elections Ontario, Elections Canada, YCDSB, Cancer Care Ontario, Heart & Stroke Foundation, and many many others.

Together they built one of the best Data & Mailing teams in Canada. In fact, for many years they efficiently managed the largest personalized mailing of any kind from Canada into the USPS (Kraft What’s Cooking Magazine) – with over 30,000,000 personalized & customized pieces each year.

By 2012, with the experience of designing, building, and managing some of the most complex Data Driven Communication projects in the country (print and online), Mark and Manuel gained the ‘courage’ to start a new chapter – and Relevant Data Solutions was born!

Building on their years of professional experience, Mark and Manuel developed RDS with a clear focus:  To provide excellent DATA, DOCUMENT, and DELIVERY solutions.  Regardless if the solution was intended for PAPER or PAPERLESS output, RDS would provide businesses with the tools to succeed.

Over the last several years they have had the pleasure of growing the RDS team with excellent support, partners, and clients, and once again working with some of the country’s most well known brands such as:  Bell, Telus, SickKids Foundation, Dynamic Mutual Funds, Longos, Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, YMCA, Crate & Barrel, Essilor Canada, and many many others.

With impressive year over year growth RDS is willing and able to provide both small and Enterprise size clients with valuable, cost-effective, and RELEVANT solutions to help with any data or document driven project.  Whether they are managing a Print & Mail campaign from end to end, or sending out Email Marketing, or hosting a Paperless Billing portal, or hosting Documents in a secure vault, RDS always provides exactly what a customer requires, with an added bonus of AMAZING boutique-style customer service.

It will be remarkable to see what the next few years brings…

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